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As the medical industry aids in the recovery and wellness of individuals in need, we too feel the urge to help however we can. Taking care of individuals is an incredibly taxing occupation and requires a lot of manpower for all of the care individuals require. We understand this deeply, dedicating our services in taking the technical and coding requirements off the shoulders of these workers so they may provide better care to their patients. Whenever you need coding provided for the medical records you work with, or wish to train your staff and yourself better on the subject, Mase Services is there for you.

As a consulting company for healthcare that works in medical coding, we thoroughly enjoy the level of services we provide our customers. With various backgrounds relating to hospitals and the education of coding, the services and seminars we provide give our customers the results they require to continue as impressive medical facilities. Located within New York, we make our consultations and other services available across the country.

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Here at Mase Coding, we value our clientele, and are determined to ensure a positive, rewarding experience in our educational and consulting services. We are deeply rooted with honesty, integrity, responsibility, and professionalism. At Mase Coding, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations, we are aware of the diverse and changing climate of coding, and are well prepared to fulfill your needs and requests. We at Mase are only satisfied when you, our client, are enjoying what we have to offer.

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(844) 822-2317

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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